The Howards

by Jon Banks

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My very first mixtape.


released February 26, 2015

Vocals, Production, Mixing - Jon Banks
Addtl. Vocals, Mixing, Electric Guitar - Adam Chao
Production, Mixing, Addtl. Vocals - Chris "AuderSpeis" Del Toro
Addtl. Production - Cody Richeson

All Songs Written by Jon Banks



all rights reserved


Jon Banks Dallas, Texas

A hip-hop/indie rock project from Dallas.

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Track Name: Fust Is Like (Freestyle)
That's And1,
you ain't gotta ask at all, it's not basketball,
this is real hip-hop, don't ask at all,
That's and1, i'm half man, half amazing,
i keep cool, play that shit smart like an Asian,
I swing the real lumber, girls know my number,
my greed ain't strong, I'm guided by the hunger,
harder than a flute, keep the haters on mute,
That's what you call a freestyle? Ha--that's cute,
nah nigga, I'm a spectacle, kicking' other rappers in the testicles,
y'all all trash, toss that in the receptacle,
you're like the real dump on the side of the road,
motherfucka I live long, you're just a chode,
that's half the length, half the time,
motherfucka, when I come, I'm takin' all that's mine,
and I'm leaving' nothing left in the dust,
'cause when Fust comes, everything else busts,
Yeah, I'm a must and this you can trust,
spittin' on this mic til this fuckin' shit rusts,
yeah I'm so vicious, yet so delicious,
granting' three wishes if your title starts with Mrs.,
that's what this is, is this it?
go 'and give me the strokes, girl,
is this it?, yeah unzip it, is this it,
yo, hear me out y'all I'm exquisite,
coulda died but I lived instead,
then I hit the tuners on my radio head,
and I turned the dial--the one next to my eye,
I hit the perfect song so hard that I started to cry,
felt the sound waves coming through my brain,
that's when I knew one day you would hear my name,
comin out the speaker, like it was Ether,
a fuckin' drug seeping' through your mouth, that's reefer,
No, Oh! my heart stop beatin!
Help me God, this life, I'm not cheatin!
oh man, no one's gonna catch me when I fall,
so I'm gonna have to ball and give everyone my all,
yo, let the sweat drip down my eyes,
you're gonna see me and you'll be surprised,
you're like "J-O-N B-A-N-K-S"?
is that the same nigga that I knew back in HS?
Hell yeah--and now you're gonna see my melee,
got all these punk niggas yelling May Day,
every fuckin day that comes by is like a pay day,
yo man I kick shit like Pele,
oh what did they say? sorry, i wasn't listening,
I did what to who oh not this again,
I'm getting tired…have I already retired?
nigga get off my back, your ass is fired,
what, you didn't work for me? well then, you're hired,
now you're fuckin fired. now peace out--I'm tired.
Track Name: Perry Mason
I’m. A. Neighborhood playa/ I’m on another layer/ everytime I check in, I’m the motherfuckin’ mayor/ fuck a naysayer with a bottle full of Ritalin/ throw a little in, hit a blunt with Cody Richeson/ People think it’s interesting/ sanity’s diminishin’/ not afraid to punch a nigga, not afraid to finish him/ No rims on my ride, no ice on my neck/ just hundreds of songs, I value respect/ Nobody does it better homey, tell me who I’m sleepin’ on/ creepin’ on you niggas from a distance like a peepin’ tom/You don’t wanna start the shit, you and I are opposites/ strapped like I’m ready for the undead apocalypse/

CHORUS: I’m Perry Mason (Yup!) I’m Perry Mason, I’m Perry Mason (Yup!) I’m Perry Mason
I’m runnin’ this town, you niggas is just chasin’/ Law can’t touch me, fool, I’m Perry Mason

I’m Perry Mason (Yup!) I’m Perry Mason, I’m Perry Mason (Who?) I’m Perry Mason
I’m runnin’ this town, you niggas is just chasin’/ Law can’t touch me (Why?) I’m Perry Mason

I hit the plane down, no survivors, somethin’ outta nothin’, MacGyver,
I’m on my Hustle Crowe, spit it ‘til they know it’s me,
Just in case they didn’t know I’m droppin’ ghetto poetry,
Might be lookin’ younger, but I’m feelin’older,
Searchin for the truth, call me Agent Mulder,
I’m like a vinyl track, real until my final rap,
Music ain’t a joke this is Fust, not Spinal Tap,
Hit ‘em with the rhythm that ba-dum-boom pap,
For the sold out shows with the whole room packed,
Hit ‘em with the rhythm that ba-dum-boom pap,
For the sold out shows with the whole room packed,

CHORUS: I’m Perry Mason (Yup!) I’m Perry Mason, I’m Perry Mason (Yup!) I’m Perry Mason
I’m runnin’ this town, you niggas is just chasin’/ Law can’t touch me, fool, I’m Perry Mason

I’m Perry Mason (Yup!) I’m Perry Mason, I’m Perry Mason (Who?) I’m Perry Mason
I’m runnin’ this town, y’all niggas is just chasin’/ Law can’t touch me (Why?) I’m Perry Mason

I'm as real as a black man crossin' the street,
pushin' a shoppin' cart home, two kids in the seat
Aw, don’t be sad, man, just because I stack paper,
Got me feelin’ like a mad man, ha, Don Draper,
No, I never needed style cause I’ve always had a presence,
We are all that care to know, never had a message,
So, if you’re done resting, I’ll hit the ground wrestling,
To prove that I’m The best thing up until the next thing,
Posted up at the tire shop, please believe that
new wheels for a singer, so I never be flat
I’m doin’ things other rappers wish they could,
Shoot a nigga in the dick—achewood.
Track Name: B.O.B
I was born to hit this beat so hard that it would shake my feet, so take a seat, an educated motherfucker from the street, got no beef then you don’t eat, keep it hidden be discrete, with that pistol on the seat, we makin’ 50 Gs a week, aw shit, keep it sick, keep it movin’, be legit, take a hit, baby, shit, can we talk a little bit? Bust a move, it’s a show, yeah they wanna hear you flow, stop and go, are you brave, all the people wanna know/ lemme go, lemme flow, while I’m puffin’ on this dro, hear the crowd, getting loud, yeah, I gotta do it now/ get it dirty, get it live/ everybody had to drive, so I guess that I could try to make these people feel alive/ (inhale) let me breathe, look at me, b.o.b, a bag of weed, that is all I really need, this beat has got me feelin’ free/ feelin’ dumb, feelin’ dope, from my soul and through my throat/ I am hanging by a rope and please love yourself (nope!)
Track Name: Rape The Beat
Doin' em' wrong...(x11)

Jon Banks comin' at ya hard with the dope flow,
f*** you and ya crew if you don't know,
yeah, we still about Make Money, Get Paid,
now we sh** money, make music, get laid,
On my Evo, crazy like Steve-O,
stuntin' all day, n*** , Evel Knievel,
I wanna check wit' a whole lotta zeros,
I do not act, but I will rob your deniro.

(Yup, yup, yup...)
(Muthaf*** a, say what?)

Forever I'm reckless,
you'd never expect this,
I spit bars that connect better than Tetris,
Check this, You're before, I'm after,
I'm your favorite rapper's, favorite rapper,
favorite actor? That's Jack Nick.
My gun's already out, so you better act quick.
Beat slowed down, lemme handle that sh** ,
(Inhale) Went too far,
Pass me the mic or pass the guitar,
past where you were, past where you are,
faster you bleed, the faster you scar,
worldwide savior, American sin,
losin' my mind like I'm Eric & Tim,
I'm a mamba, I'm a cobra,
I'ma bite you and never even know ya,
You can shake your feet or you can take ya seat,
either muthaf*** in way, I'ma rape the beat.

(I'ma rape the beat, gonna rape the beat)

What you know about PG,
reppin' D-Town on my very next CD,
come see me, tonight on TV,
DVD, or this MP3,
you can't be me, no you're not worthy,
pimpin' til' I'm 45, like James Murphy,
remember when you said we'd get out the hood one day?
I'm sayin' 'Nah, n*** , let's do it Monday!'
Track Name: Sedagive
(Deaf Girl)

We goin’ all out, no plan B,
I’m not fucked up, but I can be,
Might keep that Roscoe handy to make a nigga run off like Bambi,
Understand me? Unhand me,
Y’all ain’t ready for my family,
I keep it on time when I speak my mind,
My nigga, I’m doin’ just dandy,

Callin’ shots in my town like the Giver,
Got a flow so classic, it’s the Mississippi River,
RIP to my liver, makin’ girls legs quiver,
Brown shirt, brown shorts: every day, I deliver.

My whole life, I’ve been stepped on,
Which just fuels my next song,
But all I hear is that pillow talk,
Cause all day, I get slept on.
But I’ve kept on, like truck drivers,
All night man, fuck rivals,
Passin’ my test , then goin’ out West,
So I can say “What’s up, Fievel?”
“Now, that’s the lamest thing I ever heard,”
Nah, nigga, I think you remember every word;
I take my time with my lyrics, yeah--I’m a nerd,
Boy, my style’s so sick, I hope it’s never cured
Track Name: Chromatin
It all began in my nucleus, stop and take the moment in/ not a race, not a face, I was only chromatin/ formin into chromosomes, nature doesn't hesitate/ blowin' through my interphase, I couldn't wait to replicate/ morphing into DNA, gamete or somatic cell/ no one coulda known I'd be destined for traumatic hell/ before mitosis, it was written in my genes/ the root of my neurosis. all my fears and my dreams/ and it seems like my personal hells are yellin hell naw/ but I stay planted like my cells have a cell wall/ but I'm an animal so just a cell membrane/ separates my blood from a planet gone insane/

it doesnt matter to you, it didn't matter to me,
I guess our bond didn't fare well
It was hard to accept but it was easy to see,
I guess for now this is farewell...

Man, I'm pretty sure it's endgame, hope you got ya bets made/ in the end you're sleepin' by yourself, I hope your bed's made/ and I hope your debt's paid, every last red cent/ every choice comes back, none of them are exempt/ some call it human nature others call it revelations/ polish up your glass house and make your renovations/ even the better nations soon turn ambivalent/ Greece, Spain, America--our fall is very imminent/ son of an immigrant, son of a drug addict, son of a bitch, I was lost now I'm back at it...I was lost now I'm back at it...

I was lost.

it doesnt matter to you, it didn't matter to me,
I guess our bond didn't fare well
It was hard to accept but it was easy to see,
Track Name: All In My Haed
Uh, uh…

Don’t be fooled by the light skin,
No, this isn’t white skin,
Mexican & Black, remember that, ok, alright then.
They call me Jon River, did ya know…
That they call me that there ‘cause of my ice, cold, flow,
Now I mean no harm when I rap what I go through,
I’m just sayin’, like my name was Goku,
Walk around town wit’ my hands like this,
I don’t gotta jump back, ‘cause my hits don’t miss,
Rap is dead, so I’m punishin’ who killed it,
Rip the Game down, I will rebuild it,
Head in the sky, left my neck in the sand,
When the Earth is on your back, tell me, where do you stand?
Now we know, the reason that they call me Jon Reno,
Is ‘cause I’m makin’ money like I’m runnin’ the casino,
And she know, I’m playin n*** s, you can me call me Keno,
Or call me Keane, I’ll take you to a place that only we know/
A hero? Nah, I think a villain fits better,
Cut you with a smile, you can call me Heath Ledger,
Punch you for a while, let you bleed on ya sweater,
F*** your rap style, mine will always be better,
Forever. And don’t forget I got the gun cocked,
Twist your neck 360, achievement unlocked,
Got a dime in my pocket, and he’s ready to roll,
hope you all brought a jacket, ‘cause my lyrics are cold,
I was recently told, you’re only good before you’re famous,
So lemme blow ya mind before you find out what my name is,
before I’m poppin’ bottles with the models on my paynus,
before I got the whole world kissin’ on my anus…

Don't deny the truth,
I defy the youth,
young, rich, bachelor, call me Michael Bluth,
girls wanna have me, girls wanna grab me,
got so much game I could be Milton Bradley,
sadly, n*** s wanna chalenge me though,
but I'm not your Parker Brother, no, I ain't ya Hasbro,
I'm ahead of my time, there ain't no chasin' a brotha,
I reflect eternally like mirrors facin' each other,
I'm all in, my lyrics are cold wind,
I'm the future of rap, no country for old men

I feel you under my bed,
they say it's all in my head... (x2)
Track Name: Don't Wear A Shirt
I don’t wear a shirt when I go outside,

(You don’t wear a shirt, when you go outside?)

No, it feels better, in this kinda weather, to show the whole town my chest-hair sweater

(Man, I wear a shirt, when I go outside)

You really wear a shirt when you go outside?

(Please pick a shirt and apply it to yourself

You could tuck it in, too, if you got a belt)

I never wear a shirt when I go outside,

(You never wear a shirt when you go outside?)

No tubetops, tanktops, coats, or t-shirts, couple other things lemme do some research

(You should wear a shirt when you go outside)

I should wear a shirt when I go outside

But why?

People wear a shirt when they go outside,

I don’t wear a shirt when I go outside,

Just put a shirt on, please? Heaven’s sake!

5 or 6 minutes is all it could ever take

I could wear a shirt when I go outside,

Yes. You could.
Track Name: Everything We're Doing Is Wrong
Til' I decease, I'm killin' these beats,
feelin' these streets, start jumpin', ya heart thumpin', while you still in ya seats,
and there'll never be peace, rap wars, battles at least,
test prose when the west coast rattles the east,
test shows that the best flows come outta beefs,
the best know where the rest go? Neither do we,
I don't wanna stay down to earth, I wanna smother the seas,
cover the trees, enforce what my mother believes,
fake crap, I'll save that, for another release,
infect rap like the clap or some other disease,
and these melodies shouldn't shock 'cause I've said worse,
lyrically head-first, next song to the next verse,
breach my freedom of speech, screech til' my chest hurts,
strain the right side of my brain, til' the rest works,
an excerpt, from my hip-hop bonanza,
will have ya hands up, in a single stanza,
won't give up til' ya damn family stands up,
callin' me da boss like I was Tony Danza,

Tried to swallow my pride and nearly choked/ because I toke on reality’s blunt, I’m in the smoke/ I awoke with my blood in my mouth, what’s the cure to my cancer/ million-dollar question with the hundred dollar answer/ the truth…is that there is no truth/ I gotta say that sh** is more relative than ya Aunt Ruth/ this ain’t a hobby, I gotta get paid right/ I’m rappin’ for my life, no time for stage fright/ I won’t say, I’m the greatest of my day/ but put me in time-out, n*** , I don’t play

(es, you’re waiting for a call,
while they wonder why you haven’t,
as I call that name again,
yes, it’s such a filthy habit.

No, they’re chiseling at a wall,
with an empty room behind it,
built it sixteen months ago,
but we’ve grown oh so absent-minded,

Maybe this stream of consciousness,
will drown us all, (fingers crossed),
no more wading bright, blue waters;
no tasting bits of moss.

I were to wake up blinded,
think I’d finally be at peace,
are we praying, are we choking,
either way, I’m on my knees,

Used your father’s hands,
to cover both your mother’s eyes,
no friends; just people too polite to tell you otherwise.

Just try to fill the time between,
your next epiphany,
and, yeah, I think you’ll die,
as whatever you were trying to be;

No, I know that you will leave,
a peaceful death, along the shore,
with the face that made you famous;
the look that you were going for.)