by Jon Banks

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Illegal Bootlegs Volume One contains unreleased hip-hop tracks recorded from 2005-2011.


released August 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Jon Banks Dallas, Texas

A hip-hop/indie rock project from Dallas.

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Track Name: Straight Outta Compton [Big D Mix]
Comin’ straight outta Dallas,
crazy motherfucker named Jon Banks,
Give thanks that I’m comin up the rap ranks,
Goin’ hard so I know ya don’t miss me,
The time is now: Dirk Nowitzki.
See me comin’, then you better just stay there,
Beware of the all-black Wayfarers,
12-Gauge put ya body in the background,
Sit down…before you get sat down,
Talk shit, I’ma ruin yo month,
Niggas get shot while I’m rollin’ my blunt,
Don’t try me, if I blow my gasket,
Two to the face, no open casket,
Bitch please, I’m a certified pimp,
Dick so big that I walk with a limp,
Pop up with a gat in ya backseat,
Duct tape to the face, nigga, don’t speak
Yeah, I hear the gunshots all night,
Got a vest, I’ma be all right,
Never been caught, so I’ve never seen a cell block,
But I will put a head in ya mailbox,
Don’t move, got my aim on Deadlock,
If you see a red dot, boom, nigga, headshot,
Buck wild like I’m comin’ outta Baghdad,
Find ya grandma stuffed in a Glad bag,
Here we go y’all, Fust is baddest
Too high, can’t touch my status,
Fuck money, don’t need no palace,
Back it up, bitch: We’re comin’ straight outta Dallas
Track Name: 6 Foot, 7 Foot
Kill a nigga with bedpan, shittin on a dead man,
How high am I gettin’, smoke like Redman,
That’s what I said man, tighter than a headband,
The trailer to my movie is motherfuckin’ red band,
Harder than a diamond, the chart is what I’m climbin’,
I’m a high man breakin’ through a bitch’s hymen,
Chasin’ niggas like Jason so you know I’ll catch you,
Gettin’ sick of everyone, I might sneeze, achoo!

No, I’m not done yet, spittin’ to the sunset,
Shittin’ on the game, how have I not won yet?
Workin’ on a song I was proud to make,
Then I slipped up once and made a loud mistake,
You see I’ve come a long way and met a lot of faces,
no girl wanted Jon Banks with braces,
No they wouldn’t have me, when I had acne,
Now the ladies come runnin’, like a damn track meet


Razor blade to the wrist and another to my leg vein,
kill bill artery, dancin’ in the red rain,
Hatin’ on my diction, livin’ with addiction,
Change it up, when I fuck, call it Pulp Friction,
Sorry, did I mention, I gotta have attention,
All eyes up here, follow like a henchman,
Ya fake like Placebo, dumb like Deebo,
Prayin for the game, yeah, call me Tim Tebow,

Titty fuck Madonna
Titty bunny banana
Kitty Body Banana
Gimme money banana